Closing Checklist for Sellers

Download your own copy: Closing Checklist for Sellers

Your Realtor is watching over your sale and taking steps to get your sale closed.
As a seller, what do you need to to be sure you are on track to a successful closing?

Typically the buyer will schedule the home inspection but they may request
additional inspections that may be your responsibility.
o Septic Inspection and pumping (if applicable)
o Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Gather Documentation for Closing
If you are working with a Realtor, they will work with your title
company to provide the needed documents however there may be additional paperwork needed.
o Receipts from any repairs required after the inspection by the buyer
o Closing Statement (provided by title before signing)

Notify Everyone you are Moving
See our blog entry, “We’re Moving! Checklist” for a comprehensive list

Clean your home thoroughly
Once you have everything moved out, either schedule time to clean or hire a cleaning company to prepare the home for the new owners.

Put keys/remotes into one location
Pull together your extra house keys, keys to the mailbox, remotes for the house, remotes for the garage door opener.   Then put into one place, such as a kitchen drawer.   Let your realtor know where you left all these items so they can inform the buyer’s agent/buyers.

Collect Manuals, Warranties, & Receipts
Pull together all appliance manuals, warranties, and receipts (if applicable) to pass along to the new owners.  Put these in the same location as the keys, etc…

Passing along specific information
If you have any quirky equipment or special features that have not been revealed to the buyers, take time to either write those down. If you have a final walk-through scheduled with the buyer, you can present these in person.

One last look
Walk through your home and open every drawer and door.   Now walk through and close each and every empty cabinet/closet.   This last step will give you peace-of-mind in knowing you ‘got it all’.


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