If you are in the market for a new home, the process can be daunting. Put your trust in an experienced team with the strength to negotiate on your behalf and look out for your best interest. My team will make sure all the steps are followed and will orchestrate the successful execution of each one of these steps as seamlessly as possible.

Discuss your wants and needs: What is on your wish list in a home? Is it additional space to allow your family to grow? The gourmet kitchen you have always wanted? A master bath suite to allow you to unwind after a long day? How do you actually live in the home and your day to day lifestyle? I want to hear what you are dreaming about, determine how to find you a home that truly fits your lifestyle, and then we will look at the finances to make sure all of those items fit your financial goals.

Determine financing options: There are several options available when it comes to financing your home. You may have the option of paying cash out of your assets, creative financing or use traditional lending. There are a variety of lending programs available and I would be happy to put you in touch with a lender who can help you find the right loan product for what you will be purchasing. This step along with your financial preferences as it pertains to the investment amount needs to be determined so we find the right home for your portfolio.

Now that we have an idea of what you are looking for, it is time to go out searching for your home.

Areas and Neighborhoods: Usually home buyers have an idea of the areas they are interested in. However, it is easy for an online search to get derailed by an absolutely beautiful home with a great price outside of your desired area. Therefore, it is critical when creating your wish list to think about the features outside your home such as nearby recreation opportunities, commute to work, etc. I will keep these desires in mind as well as I search for homes that meet your needs.

Schedule Showings: I will be checking the MLS for new homes that come on the market while also connecting with other agents to learn more about properties that are yet to be available to the general public that may meet your needs. When properties become available, I will email you the listing information and we can discuss whether that home is one we want to view in-person. If possible, I will preview the listing to verify it is a viable candidate before we schedule a showing.

Writing an Offer: Once your next home is chosen, I will work with you to write an offer to the homeowner. I will provide research and a Comparative Market Analysis to determine a fair asking price.

Negotiations: I will be your strongest advocate and negotiate for your interests, while keeping your real estate investment goals in mind.

Once your home is under contract…

And the escrow company will be working to make sure all documents and steps occur as dictated by the contract. The title company (often the same as the escrow company) will research the recorded history of the property to insure that the title is free and clear of encumbrances by the date of closing. Additionally, some properties are subject to restrictions which limit various activities from building to parking restrictions. There may be recorded easements and encroachments, where others have limited rights to use the property.

Inspecting the Property: Once your offer is accepted by the seller, I advise that you have professional inspectors evaluate your home’s major systems, roof, appliances, etc. Inspectors always find challenges – most are simply wear and tear issues that the home buyer needs to be aware of before purchasing which may require a fix down the road. There may be major challenges identified that may need additional research to assess the depth of the problem or that need to be addressed right away. I will help you negotiate those types of repairs with the seller to make sure you are comfortable with the condition the home will be in when you take possession.

Appraisal and Lending: In the event you will be financing the property, you will also be working closely with your lender during this time. There will likely be additional documents that are needed to approve your loan application and fund your loan. The lender will usually send an appraiser out to the property to determine the value of the property to make sure the home is worth what you are paying for it so their investment in that home (your loan) is sound.

And now we are ready to close…

It may have only been a few days or several weeks, but I am sure you are ready for your home to be yours. The escrow company will schedule a time for you to come in and sign all the paperwork needed. However, it may be a day or even longer for the home to be officially closed at the county. I will be in touch with you and present your new property keys as soon as possible.